Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Madness

I can hardly believe it is March already. I am so looking forward to warmer weather, but looking outside today,was not encouraging. It was and still is snowing! My saving grace is that I know spring is only a few weeks away.

Today, Saturday, I spent nearly the entire day in my little studio making ATC's. I decided to use only the scraps in my desk scrap box and I finished 7 cards in about 12 hours. Not bad for a dreary day. I am only going to post a few of the cards the rest you can see at my Flickr site

Yesterday I got my Spring issue of ATC Quarterly--The Only Magazine devoted exclusively to ATC's- and I was saddened to read that Rona will be ending publication after this year. If you do not subscribe or have never heard of this great little quarterly you should look it up at ATC While the magazine is small, it is so well edited and the articles are great. Lots of pictures and features on wonderful artists. Rona always has a call in for ATC's so Please check it out, before it disappears.

It is quite late so I think I will end my day with a bit of reading-Goal this year is to finish all the books I have started in the past and put aside for one reason or other. So far, I have finished three such books. only 2 more to go.)
Wish me luck

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Marva said...

Oh these are awesome! ATCs are how I got into the whole collage and mixed media thing from painting! I've just recently gotten back into them.