Saturday, February 19, 2011

I have a rotten cold!!

Yes, I have a rotten, crummy cold. Head cold, chest, cough. Have been taking OTC meds, and it is getting better. It is my first cold all winter so I guess I cannot complain, but I hate it. Did a little work on ATC's this week, also made a Steampunk/found object bracelet.

No, there are no bits of Kleenex stuck to those charms.

The Charms--I made about half the charms above, with "Stuff" I have collected over the years.
The vintage Bingo game counter, altered Scrabble tile, the broken Brownie Scout pin, the vintage Streetcar token, silver monopoly shoe, some parts of a broken necklace, etc. The rest I bought at the local Michaels Store, a brand call Industrial Chic( each card had at least 3 charms that I either used as is or altered in someway).
I am now excited to go Antiquing to see what I can find to use. Also I bid on a couple of Ebay auctions for vintage gumball can't wait to start the next one.

ATC's--Yes, I even managed to work on some ATC's.

Grrrr--I can't get these cards side by side.

Oh well. Both contain images from TumbleFish Studios collage sheets. I also worked on some cards from an Alphabet series I am doing using copies of vintage images that I am watercoloring, etc.

READING-I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Ususally late at night before bed. Right now I am on my 4th or 5th attempt at reading "The Autobiography of Henry VII with notes from His Fool, Will Sommers" by Margaret George. I have vowed to finish it and I think I will this time. It is huge and the type face is small, but the book has been on my bedside table for at least 2 years and I am tired of dusting it -:-).

Prior to Henry, I read a couple of Bill Brysons travel books and they were so funny and insightful, though I did get irritated with his USA book, as he disparaged Americans and small town America so much, it was no longer funny.

Well, Go Make ART!!!!!

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Lisa Purcell said...

I love your charm bracelet. You should put it in your store and sell it. Or, you should trade it. (I have a thing for charm bracelets) :)))