Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Changes!!

For quite some time I have been using a space in the basement for my Art space. I moved from our loft room because I hated having to put all my "Stuff" away when company was coming and there was not enough room to keep all my "Stuff" close at hand. So with the help of my husband Joe and the kiddies I schlepped all of my "Stuff" to the basement, along with my computer and printer,etc. and set up shop down there. I wrestled with the thought of moving back upstairs off and on all winter--that basement is COLD--but I found a space heater in the garage and finalized my decision to stay down there! Our basement is totally unfinished and we cannot afford major reno costs so Joe and I did the next best thing. IKEA--We used our meager carpentry skills to cover the staircase wall with faux beadboard panelling and the bookcases did the rest. Below are before and after pictures


I am soooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see I even have empty or near empty shelves!! There is so much space. I have shelves for my scrapbook paper, the corner is for my toys and dolls, My art books and ATC binders, embellishments, collage elements, paint and stamping stuff!!
I rearranged the way my table and computer were oriented and really like it.

On Saturday March 21, my Birthday twin Nina, the talented ObsessiveCreative, and I drove on up to Milwaukee for the Live ATC Trade. This month the trade was held at a really interesting store/gallery-Art'n Oddiites. About 25 traders showed up and it was great! The theme was I'm Game. The trade sessions went smoothly and I was able to score 24 trades. Nina and I had the best lunch at a nearby Gyro place prior to the meet up and we couldn't keep that a secret even with mints and gum--It was GOOD though.

Starting on May 2, 2009 there will be a Live ATC Trade at the Dick Blick Art Materials store at the Danada Square Shopping Center in Wheaton, Illinois. The meet up will be from 3:30 to 7:30.
I believe there will be a creating session with some materials supplied by Dick Blick-Call the store to make sure-630-653-0569. Not sure what time the actual trade is starting but will post it when I find out. PS. Yours truly will be moderating the first trade session.
Have a great week and

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Milwaukee Live ATC Trade-Sat. Feb. 28, 2009

Saturday finally arrived--I was so excited to drive up to Milwaukee again for the ATC Live Trade.
My friend Nina and I left Joliet at a bit after 7 am in order to arrive in plenty of time for the 10 am meeting. There was ZERO traffic on the Expressway so we made awesome time, thanks to my "lead foot". I do not know how to drive slow-sorry ;-(
The meet up this month was at the wonderful Artist and Display (more about that later) .
There were close to 30 people who attended the Trade this month. Not all people traded cards, one or two had only a few cards as they were new to ATC's --I think everyone had a really fun time. It is always great to meet up with the artists who attend the Trade, everyone is so warm and welcoming. A special thank you to my friend Mel, for the great card. Also a BIG thank you not only to Artist and Display for allowing us to meet there, but to Carolyn Brady for her excellent job of Moderator .
I made 26 swaps and got AWESOME cards !! Below are some pictures of the swap
These pictures are the "chat "time prior to the swap

Below are some of the cards that go into the Pot Luck swap at the opening of the trade. Each person introduces themselves, tells a bit about their card
and it goes into a "pot" which then gets passed around a second time and each person draws
a card out--Then the Trade begins

This is a picture of my binder that I brought my Theme cards
and my other cards in to trade. Our theme was Black White and Red/read all over( see my previous post)

ARTIST AND DISPLAY--Paradise. The store has sooo much in it. If you are in or near Milwaukee and do any kind of ART or CRAFT or want to--go there. They have everything under the sun and are so kind and helpful and knowledgeable.
I found a GiNORMous selection of Pens and Markers, paints of all sorts, chalk and pastels--Love the PanPastels set I got there last month--so much so I bought more colors this time-is that bad? I also bought some of the most beautiful papers--etc., etc., etc. CHECK OUT THE LINK ABOVE---IT IS A MUST VISIT!!