Sunday, November 22, 2009


This week I worked in the "studio" a lot! At first it was just sitting at the table and rearranging pens and pencils, putting things away and tidying up (is that a word). Then I did what I have done in the past to get my muse to stir--I made a bunch of ATC cards and backgrounds then combed through my image archives. Here is the result and I am pleased with my weeks work-

I also did this 4"X4.5" collage which will be a gift to a special person.

I have a few more ATC size backgounds left to work on as well as larger sizes and a LOT of ideas so---See you soon!! GO MAKE ART

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well, the door has cracked open a bit. I have done a few cards in the past couple of weeks. one series for the Wheaton meetup group.

I got some great cards in trade as well as wonderful fellowship at the trade. We have a membership of talented artists.
I am still coping with a HUGE life change and while I am not totally recovered I am getting there, in that I am actually doing a bit of ART. I decided to go back to some of my "roots", COLLAGE. My first love and what I feel really good at. Starting with making some backgrounds using an old, old book and are the results of the last couple of days.

Little by little the door is opening.
Make ART----Lynne

Friday, September 18, 2009


I am still alive and kicking... Just having a creative slump due to some personal issues. I have been feeling the itch to get my hands full of paint and glue lately so I am sure I will be posting some new pieces--ATC's and some larger canvases soon. To everyone who has been supportive during this hard time, especially my DH Joe, Thank you so much.
Just waiting for the other door to open

Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have been soooo busy this second week of my Stacation. I decided to do some more watercolors and since I liked the way my early Goldfish turned out I did a few more. Then I searched the internet for pics of tropical fish with the idea of trying my hand at those--Well, OCD as I am I have been doing Fish watercolor ATC's almost all week!! I think I have done about 25 or 26. I traded a few already on ATCs for All. I really like doing them, some I tried to do life like or fish like, if you will--others I just did fantasy colors, etc. When I reach the saturation point, maybe I'll go on to birds. Below are some of the fish I did this week

Off to watch an Encore of the Postman with Kevin Costner--Love him--and Make more ART!!
YOU--Go make some ART

Sunday, August 2, 2009


The economy has hit us hard. NO vacation for us this year. But I did take 2 weeks of vacation time, and am having a Stacation--ART style. This marks my second week and I have done a LOT of art and catching up. I finally got to the line on my LIST that read, update blog--so here I am.
I went to the ArtForAll2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 19/20. It was a great event for Members of I had never been to something like that before, and I went ALONE. So big adventure for me (I am actually a Shy person). I took a number of classes given by members: Faux tintypes, stamp carving, Using postage stamps as a focal point in ATC's, Match box shrines. Every one was interesting and I learned so much. Each attendee got a goodie bag full of "Stuff". I met a LOT of very talented artists-which intimidated me to no end, which is a failing on my part, as Each and EVERY ONE were supportive, warm, and, welcoming.
I did a lot of trading while I was there, and got some GREAT cards. I was blown away at talent and creativity of the members I met
I am going to start saving for next year--it is in Rochester, NY!!
Attended the Milwaukee Live ATC trade on June 27. The Theme was hand drawn. I did some Chalk on black illustration board--
Cause I cannot draw!!!

I used a vacation day and had a Long weekend over the 4th. Very uneventful, as it RAINED most of the Day. It did clear up long enough to have fireworks in the evening. We went to a party given by some friends of Joe's (now mine too), from the NWG-Richard and Patrick. It was a lot of fun, with great food and conversation.
On July 11, we drove to Decatur,IL to celebrate my little brother's retirement from Frito-Lay.
I was going to Kick his butt around the back yard for retiring before me, but I love him so much I just couldn't do it. We had a great time-got to see all of my nephews and their families. My sister-in-law, Chris did a great job putting the party together.
July 18 was Milwaukee Live trade again--early this month. The theme was "Found Objects" and I forgot to scan my card !!! It was cute-I made it from a Fruit of the Loom Bra package that I found in the Walmart parking lot, which in itself brings a TON of questions to mind.
That brings me up to July 27 the start of MY STACATION--
I have been working this week on Watercolor pencil drawings. I cannot draw so I have been using a 'pattern' transfered outline to the watercolor paper, then sketching in detail and finishing off with watercolor pencils and micron pen, inks, acrylic etc.
I made my cards for the Wheaton Swap using that technique. The Theme was "Hot, Hot, Hot"
so Caliente-I made hot peppers-

Yesterday was August 1 and the Wheaton live Trade-It was a rainy day and I was somewhat bummed out because I have also been catching up on my reading and I had finished the new Steig Laarson book, 'The Girl Who Played With Fire', and I always get mildly depressed when I finish a really good book-go figure??? So, I was not good company. We did the trade, I spent way too much at Dick Blicks( I got the most wonderful Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils--well worth the money-I want more colors!!!) Came home and started making some more cards.

I Still have another WEEK!!!!YEAH--of vacation to create, read, stay up late and sleep in-though the last never happens.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I got this in the mail yesterday--- From M.Gh in Toronto Canada.
I do not recall this person nor do I know where the heck the Vote is!!!!
Please if some one happens to read this--let me know what it is about

Friday, July 3, 2009

New Best Friend

I have been using a new for me product a LOT lately and I had to tell everyone about it. It is Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels. It is a coloring agent with a touch of "glimmer", in a spray bottle. I was given a bottle and liked it so much I ordered 3 more from the website and just went back and ordered more today. I have used it mostly for backgrounds and accenting, though it has lots of applications.--Below are a tag, front and back ,and an atc background using Sand and Spanish Moss and Harvest Orange glimmer mist and a finished card that I made today using the Glimmer Mist Harvest Orange as accent as well as "painting" it onto th butterfly wings

Visit the website as take a look. They are revamping the packaging and have a new advertising campaign -- WE NEED YOU!

This is the new packaging!! Try the product, it is awesome!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spring, Robins and ART

I have been very busy with so much stuff these past few weeks.

First off-The first meeting of the ATC Live Trade in Wheaton was on Sat May 2--It was so great. Not a huge turn out but a start. I met two outstanding artists, Shari and Harriet. We clicked right away and I felt immediately like I had new BFF's. In fact after the trade we had dinner together.
Shari has consented to be the moderator of our Live Trade and started a Yahoo group right away for networking and info sharing. We are slowing getting new people to sign up and hopefully will meet them in person on June 6 at our next meet up.
Here we are from the left, Harriet, Shari, Me and member 4 and member 5 who's names I do not remember--(old timers disease).

Second --I have been trying to make extra cards to the AFA2009 get together in Indianapolis that I am attending the weekend of June 19-21. I am not sure how many artists will be there so I want to have a LOT of cards ready to trade. (this is a big step for me as I am going alone, and I get very intimidated by other artists as my insecurities come out)

Third --- I finally got around to making ATC's for the upcoming Milwaukee swap next Saturday, May 30. The theme was "May Day, May Day" and of course I was stymied by a Theme--I do not know why I do this to myself. Finally made a prototype and liked it enough to make a set of twelve. I only lack the backing which I plan to do tonight, but probably won't finish til Friday night--as usual.

Fourth --Robins--A female robin built her nest on top of the Grapevine wreath on my front door. AMAZING--Yes, my kids use the door constantly and the neighborhood kids are ringing the bell or knocking all the time. But that did not deter her--

The eggs hatched Monday and I will post pictures of the babies tomorrow.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Above are the ATC's that I traded for last week. It was the April meeting of The Milwaukee ATC Live Trade and it met at a beautiful Scrapbook store in Greenfield, Wisconsin. The day was soooo rainy but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the ATC artists who came to trade. I even managed a couple of extra trades. Our theme was altered photographs and the majority of the cards above are in that theme. It is always a surprise and pleasure to see how different the interpretation of the theme will be from artist to artist.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good bye Laurie

Today a good friend, and wonderful person died. Her name was Laurie Frasier and she and I worked together for a number of years. Laurie had a hard life, with many medical problems, financial woes, personal and family issues but through them all she kept her sense of humor and candor about her life. If I learned anything from Laurie it was to find humor in dealing with what life hands you. Laurie was a caring person. She worried right to the end about what would happen to her grown children and the grandchildren she adored. Telling every visitor who came to see her that, "it's going to be alright".
I usually feel the most sorry/sympathy for the family left behind when someone dies. But with Laurie I feel such sorrow for her. She had a crummy life and she would be the first to say so. I wish she could have not had the worry and stress she had during the years I knew her. I wish she could have gone to Scotland, I wish she could have met someone to love her and cherish her these past few years. AND YET--she really never felt sorry for herself!!! She was truly brave. She did not want to die, but she faced her death with character and of course her humor. Laurie, we will miss you so much.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Changes!!

For quite some time I have been using a space in the basement for my Art space. I moved from our loft room because I hated having to put all my "Stuff" away when company was coming and there was not enough room to keep all my "Stuff" close at hand. So with the help of my husband Joe and the kiddies I schlepped all of my "Stuff" to the basement, along with my computer and printer,etc. and set up shop down there. I wrestled with the thought of moving back upstairs off and on all winter--that basement is COLD--but I found a space heater in the garage and finalized my decision to stay down there! Our basement is totally unfinished and we cannot afford major reno costs so Joe and I did the next best thing. IKEA--We used our meager carpentry skills to cover the staircase wall with faux beadboard panelling and the bookcases did the rest. Below are before and after pictures


I am soooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As you can see I even have empty or near empty shelves!! There is so much space. I have shelves for my scrapbook paper, the corner is for my toys and dolls, My art books and ATC binders, embellishments, collage elements, paint and stamping stuff!!
I rearranged the way my table and computer were oriented and really like it.

On Saturday March 21, my Birthday twin Nina, the talented ObsessiveCreative, and I drove on up to Milwaukee for the Live ATC Trade. This month the trade was held at a really interesting store/gallery-Art'n Oddiites. About 25 traders showed up and it was great! The theme was I'm Game. The trade sessions went smoothly and I was able to score 24 trades. Nina and I had the best lunch at a nearby Gyro place prior to the meet up and we couldn't keep that a secret even with mints and gum--It was GOOD though.

Starting on May 2, 2009 there will be a Live ATC Trade at the Dick Blick Art Materials store at the Danada Square Shopping Center in Wheaton, Illinois. The meet up will be from 3:30 to 7:30.
I believe there will be a creating session with some materials supplied by Dick Blick-Call the store to make sure-630-653-0569. Not sure what time the actual trade is starting but will post it when I find out. PS. Yours truly will be moderating the first trade session.
Have a great week and