Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, I finally made the decision to move my space from the cozy loft room above the garage to the basement. My main reason, actually 2 reasons, were MORE SPACE AND I CAN'T STAND THE MESS!!! Well not the mess actually. It is my "creativity". I would feel duty bound to keep it tidy or put away all of my stuff, if someone was coming over or the kids were having guests. When we originally built this house, this room was "MINE" but the kids love being with me and so they gradually took over the space. Joe would watch sports in the Family room, so they would of course come upstairs to watch tv with me while I worked on Scrapbooks or computer or now ATC/collage. We put a TV down here in the basement along with an old sofa, but they didn't like being there--probably because no one ever cleaned up after them--I would make them do it!!
So----I just decided to move my stuff down here. It is unfinished but I am going to put some Ikea bookshelves across part of the space to create a wall and Joe's promised to paint the concrete wall a bright color and the staircase wall will get drywall and whitewashed paneling so I use it for display.
We'll see how it goes. I will put some pictures up as soon as we get started.
On a more artistic note. I did get a couple of pieces done recently. The pictures are not the greatest but here they are--

They are collage on foam core with beeswax technique. I don't feel like they are finished. They either need to be mounted on another layer of material or some sort of mat then framed. I can't decide. It will come to me.
On a lighter note, I did find time to do my CollagePlay with Crowabout Challenge for this week. It is not the best thing I've done for this challenge but I thought it was fun.
Have a great week--

Friday, September 19, 2008

Week 7 Crowabout Entry--Thoughts on Swaps

I finally finished my week 7 entry for the CollagePlay with Crowabout group on flickr. It was a challenge-ha. I couldn't get anything from the elements. Nothing really Popped--except that I liked the little Girl element. So I struggled with whether this would be a week when I would NOT do the collage.
At the same time a thread on one of the Yahoo ATC groups that I belong to, developed into a drama. Anyone who has belonged to a discussion group knows how this happens and spirals out of control until there are a lot of hurt feelings and flaming being done. Righteous comments and thoughtless remarks--posted often without real thought to the consequences.
AH---THERE YOU GO--Finally I had my "theme" for this weeks Collage

Simple but True.

I have also made a huge decision. I am putting a moratorium on Swapping. I will continue to do 1/1 trades, but the swaps were getting out of control, stressful --and I want to have fun and enjoy what I am doing. NO STRESS--soo00000- I am taking that stress away.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane in Illinois? Lots of new stuff

It has been raining for nearly 3 days. I cannot imagine it any wetter, but from what I see on the tele, we are so lucky compared to the people in Southern USA. I have been holed up in the loft surrounded by my "STUFF" experimenting with beeswax again as well as packaging up card that I have traded.
Just a side note. I was skipping around Flickr a while ago, you know how that goes. First you click one persons photostream and look around and they have a link to someone else, who has a link to another person, and before you know it you've lost 2 hours of time. Black hole of flickr ----
Well, I was looking at a contact-Moline who lives in Germany and has the most beautiful taste and that lead me to another person , and so on. What I am getting at, IS---all the pictures of their homes and work spaces are so CLEAN AND TIDY!!!!!!! They all look like they are decorated for a magazine--which by the way some have been featured in decorating mags. How do they do that???? I am looking around as I type and my immediate work space looks like the aftermath of hurricane IKE-without the water!!
Do you think I should make the move to a bigger space in the Basement?? I just can't decide. Maybe I do need more space to be neater?? OH WELL--

I finished my week 6 CollagePlay with Crowabout
Next I experimented with Beeswax all week--

This is an 8X10 canvas board and I just loved the baby pic I found on Flickr--The name came from a vintage children's reader--I used the original text, but unfortunately the picture on the reverse side bled through when I added the beeswax so I had to print out text on plain paper and add.
Below are two of a series of Witchy Children (no Beeswax!)I am working on for a swap on one of my Yahoo Groups-

This is an ATC I altered with Chalk and used the Beeswax technique on. I got some natural beeswax at Hobby lobby and I love the color and patina it gives the finished pieces

This is the same image as above but on a 5"X7" canvas--no chalking this time just the collage behind along with some acrylic paint and then BEESWAX AGAIN--
I Love this image and have used her before. I call her Fiona-and may have to keep this one.
Might have to make one to sell in my ETSY shop

All the previous talk about a tidy space has made me acutely aware of what a mess I have made since Friday night so~~Will try to put my space in order and maybe still have time to work again later this evening. Ciao, Lynne

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beeswax and Swaps!!

Oh my, I have been sooo busy this week. Worked in the "world" Monday and Tuesday. Still, I managed to get out the Beeswax/potpourri pot and fire it up to try my hand once again at Beeswax technique. My friend Shellyrs68 make THE most beautiful cards using beeswax to coat and adhere elements. below are some of the ones I made. Stayed up WAY To late but had fun. I only have bleached beeswax and need to get some of the natural as it gives a much nicer patina to the piece
The Maries are ATC size and the squares are about 6"X6".

Today was my "day off" but I feel like I hardly stopped all day. I tried to get a handle on the swaps I have signed up for on the different groups I belong to. Got several envies ready to mail and made a list of the swaps and projects that need completing and the deadlines. Got started on a 6/6 swap that needs to go out soon.
Before I knew it the kids were home from school and we had to get ready for Confirmation classes-which I help teach. Sooo, there you have it. My life in a nutshell.
If anyone out there ever reads this--Please leave me a comment. I would like to know if all the hits on my counter are "real People" and not just me !
Caio, Lynne

Sunday, September 7, 2008

ATC International Swap

Below are the three ATC's I made for a Children and Babies themed swap for ATC International Yahoo group. There ended up being only 2 other swapers besides me, so I have a bunch of half done BABY cards, which Brianna thinks are soooo cute, mom! Got them in Envelopes ready to mail out a bit ago. Got to get SERIOUS and do some ART ---after the grocery shopping.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Trip to Dick Blick and Famous DAVES, etc...

After work yesterday, Family and myself took a road trip to Dick Blicks!!!! ART Supplies!!!
I felt the need for some Faber Castell Pitt Pens, that Our Crowabout mentor Nancy B. has spoken about and blogged about. I read up on them and they are the BOMB! So I bit the Gasoline bullet and loaded up the miniVan and we drove the 30 something miles up to Wheaton to the Dick Blick store. It was heaven on EARTH--So many art supplies so little money....
I kept fairly close to the list I had made and only overspent a little. I got the great Pitt Pen below

and some micron pens. Also, Goldens matt medium-this time I am trying the liquid version, as I did not like the gel type I got this summer. I also picked up a 5 pack of canvas board for some bigger collage ( for ETSY store, maybe?), an 8"X8" stretched canvas-just because and some heavy coldpress watercolor paper for ATC cards.
Both Ryan and Brianna begged for and got large spiral bound drawing pads that were on sale for $4.98--Bri already drew JONAS BROTHERS stuff over a dozen pages!!!
I was so "high" on being there that I didn't blink, just said, "oh, yeah, sure, you can have it, what ever, oh look, more paint, more pens, mmmmmmmmm,ahhhh".
Anyway, made some great friends with the people at that Dick Blicks. The young girls who worked there were SO NICE. It has been MY recent experience that store clerks/associates in specialty stores or almost anywhere anymore are just not so nice. They have been patronizing or just plain ignore you if you are over 30. These young ladies were just so nice and helpful. They treated me like a person, instead of an irritation, which was refreshing. All my goofy questions were answered without a huge sigh of disgust-with a smile even. And they treated the kids very nicely too. All too soon, we had to leave--I am already planning my next trip up there.
OH--AND I got these cute little mini wooden clips by Cavallini & Co. I had to have em!

ADB-After Dick Blick--we went to Famous Dave' in Naperville, for dinner. We do not go out to dinner very often (McDonald's doesn't count). It was so nice to have some one wait on us, the kids had a great time. We shared Highs and lows and it that was nice since we all had Highs and no one had a low. Afterward, on the way home Joe and Ryan tried to spot Mercury and Venus on the horizon, but one turned out to be an airplane!!!! Then we made up a silly song about Pluto not being a planet any more and Ryan was so impressed with my ad lib rhyme. All in all it was a fun night. We got home early enough for me to unpack all my purchases, and play with my new pens. Ahhhhhh-HAPPY DAY. Below--Two great Kids

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Collage Play with Crowabout Week 5-Happiness

We are into week 5 in CollagePlay with Crowabout on Flickr and below is my submission. I really like how it turned out. It is simpler that previous ones, but that is ok--I kept telling myself as I was creating it. I looked at the pieces and was lost-What "theme" would I use this week. I was feeling down in the past week, had been thinking alot about my youngest son who died several years ago at the age of 30-so my first instinct was to do something to express that sadness. I am so glad that I waited a couple of days before starting ,as I came across this quote-really common sense--that I had jotted down in my thoughts notebook. It was so on the spot. Because I really do believe that you make your own happiness. It was just the nudge I needed to get me out of that dark place where my grief and sorrow take over.
A greater tribute to my boy is happiness he gave us all.