Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CollagePlay with Crowabout Week 4 and Busy as a BEE

It has been several days and I have not only been working full time but creating like crazy. There never seems to be enough hours in the day-at least when I am home. Work is another story. Why is it that time speeds up when you are home and sloooooows way down when you are at work--at least that is what happens to ME.
I got the collage elements from Nancy's Flickr site on Saturday Morning and it took a while for me too decide on what I was going to do. I knew I wanted to do a quote style page and looked for one that I felt mirrored the look on the girls face. This is one of several Hellen Keller Quotes that I love.

I got busy on Saturday night and made some ATC's while watching TV. I used some digital collage sheets that I got from They are wonderful people who produce the Very nice quality images. Plus, if you want--instant gratification via download!!!
These are from their ATC collection and as you can see I was thinking Halloween

I have a few more to upload a little later. I am currently participating is several Swaps and am excited to see what cards I get in return. I got a beautiful RAK card from a Very Talented artist from California, Lisa Goldman.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New ART-Collage Play Week Three

I had to go back to work last week--can you tell how enthusiastic I am--not! But I still managed to do some ART play--I finished the Week Three Challenge for Collageplay with Crowabout on Flickr.
It is soooo scary for me--I try not to think about how many REALLY TALENTED people are in this group. I feel like such a poser--I have to keep reminding myself that I am learning and have my own style and talent to bring to the group too. So---Here is my Week Three Page

I sat down the other night and started to ONCE AGAIN try to get control of my art table--It's and unending task--and I pulled out a file of images and collages sheets. backgrounds, etc. and just decided to use what was in my hand-no extra printing, looking for images, digging in boxes for something else--just what was in the file at hand and came up with the following . Most of the hard work was done. All of the backgrounds were cut or made, and most of the images were already cut or colored. I did it in a limited, intuitive process--

ABOVE---The vintage images of Hot Air Balloons -I have more somewhere- in a box ??? That will be another clean up day.

I used some ArtChix elements on these two cards--the crown and quote on the "Pretty Little Baby "and the transparent Paris element on "Philosophie"

I just love this guy---I hope to do a series of Mr Carl Cards

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, today is my last vacation day, and I have been enjoying my creative freedom so much for the past 12 days. I hate for it to end. Well, not end of course, but be limited to evenings and weekends. Yesterday and today for a while, I did a lot-LOT of Creating--as well as tidy'd up my work space-put all my paints and pencils in their proper containers-cleaned all of my stamps and put them back in their boxes.
I started using my Moleskine journal while I was in Michigan and did a couple of pages using some Collage sheets from "Jack & Cat Curio" I have posted those two page sets below. Hope you like them, I do
This first pair I did yesterday

This pair of pages I did today

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Collage Play with Crowabout Week 2

Just as I was starting to work on my First Challenge my printer ink ran out. Oh, I know, it was getting there-stuff had been looking funny for days. But I like to try to print til the thing is dry--They are soooooo expensive.
Off to Staples for more ink--reward card rebate check in hand!! They actually do send you a check based on a percentage of what you spend in the store over time- 6 months I think. Got ink and a ream of paper, some pens, Daughter tagged along and conned me out of a drawing pad-she is an Artist too.
I already had worked out my theme for the page, and put it together while watching "Jumper" on DVD with my son. Posted it VERY late last night/this morning.
I am pretty happy with it. It is more Vibrant than the scan depicts. My only self critique is that I do not like my handwriting--
Here is my first little Zetti---
Pieced her together last night as well Vintage photo, Tessha Moore hat and Inspiration--

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday, I finished unpacking the suitcases and catching up on the laundry from Vacation. I also unpacked the box of art supplies I took with me to Michigan--Most of which I did not use, of course. Cleaned up my art table and cleared some space and GOT a huge burst of Creativity!!
While clearing out a file of paper scraps I came across some large pieces of Watercolor paper, so while cutting it down to ATC size, cut the little scraps into Twinchies--something I have not tried before since they are so little-So to challenge myself, I first just did the background with my Aquarell crayons. Then I started looking for tiny images and set a minimum of 3 elements per card and away I went. I am very pleased with the result. I hope you like them.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Art Journal Cover

Worked some very late last night/early this morning and finished a little bit ago--
Here is what I did to the cover to my found-altered journal.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Back from Vacation

Spent most of last week in North West Michigan- Silver Lake. It is a favorite place for us and we have rented the same cottage for the past 6 years. This summer the weather has been crummy. Not very warm and a lot of rain-our week was just that. We didn't get very much beach time at all. I did some antiquing which was nice, got some old pictures and small stuff. Bought the requisite teeshirts!! Came home a day early... We missed the dogs and our house, the kids were bored with us and each other.
Came home to a lot of mail, both snail and E---Waded through it and Finally sat down tonight to try my hand at some collage.
I joined the Collage play with Crowabout on Flickr-right before I left they had the first Challenge which I missed-But I did it anyway tonight. Each week we will be given an element sheet to download and use in a collage. Then upload a pic of the finished collage.
This is the one I did -even though I didn't get to upload it as the deadline was during our
I ran over to my Favorite Thrift Store and looked around and
found a used Girl Scout leader Handbook, which is spiral bound and the pages while not heavy, make for easy gluing together.
The size was right 8"X11" So I am using it for my Collage Challenge Journal.
When I get the cover decorated I will scan it an put it up here .
I guess I should say that this page is about my life--
I am the small town girl, and yes, I did run away with the spoon. He's been a wonderful husband for nearly 30 years!-"And that's all I am going to say about that-"Forrest G.