Monday, March 28, 2011

Digital ATC with Photoshop Elements

At Christmas 2009, I got a great gift-Photoshop Elements 8. I have been so intimidated by it, that it took me over 18 months to try to use it. My Teenage son offered to help me as like all teens he has an innate knowledge of all things computer. Saturday night he gave me a lesson on layers and I got some elements and set to work. After a little bit I tested some skills in making my own elements from pictures in my files and came up with a couple of my own!!Here is the result of those lessons

I made these 4 Digital Collage Yesterday and even though it took me hours due to my inexperience, and I had to keep the huge manual I bought next to me the entire time, I had a great time shifting things around and resizing them, etc. I am so excited to be able to do this, even in the most basic way!!
My weeks have been flying by and I have been busy with lots of cut and past ATC's. Trading with some very talented artists. I am always happy to see Laura, our postal carrier, but especially when she has a bunch of envies with ATC's in them. I love to trade so, any ATC'ers who read this, check out my flickr page and see if there is anything you might want to swap for.
LOOK here on Flickr to see my current cards and other art.
Lastly, please leave comments as I can see lots of hits on my counter, but never know who has been here. Just say hi.
Well, Go Make ART--digital or otherwise.

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