Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Collage Play with Crowabout Week 5-Happiness

We are into week 5 in CollagePlay with Crowabout on Flickr and below is my submission. I really like how it turned out. It is simpler that previous ones, but that is ok--I kept telling myself as I was creating it. I looked at the pieces and was lost-What "theme" would I use this week. I was feeling down in the past week, had been thinking alot about my youngest son who died several years ago at the age of 30-so my first instinct was to do something to express that sadness. I am so glad that I waited a couple of days before starting ,as I came across this quote-really common sense--that I had jotted down in my thoughts notebook. It was so on the spot. Because I really do believe that you make your own happiness. It was just the nudge I needed to get me out of that dark place where my grief and sorrow take over.
A greater tribute to my boy is happiness he gave us all.

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