Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane in Illinois? Lots of new stuff

It has been raining for nearly 3 days. I cannot imagine it any wetter, but from what I see on the tele, we are so lucky compared to the people in Southern USA. I have been holed up in the loft surrounded by my "STUFF" experimenting with beeswax again as well as packaging up card that I have traded.
Just a side note. I was skipping around Flickr a while ago, you know how that goes. First you click one persons photostream and look around and they have a link to someone else, who has a link to another person, and before you know it you've lost 2 hours of time. Black hole of flickr ----
Well, I was looking at a contact-Moline who lives in Germany and has the most beautiful taste and that lead me to another person , and so on. What I am getting at, IS---all the pictures of their homes and work spaces are so CLEAN AND TIDY!!!!!!! They all look like they are decorated for a magazine--which by the way some have been featured in decorating mags. How do they do that???? I am looking around as I type and my immediate work space looks like the aftermath of hurricane IKE-without the water!!
Do you think I should make the move to a bigger space in the Basement?? I just can't decide. Maybe I do need more space to be neater?? OH WELL--

I finished my week 6 CollagePlay with Crowabout
Next I experimented with Beeswax all week--

This is an 8X10 canvas board and I just loved the baby pic I found on Flickr--The name came from a vintage children's reader--I used the original text, but unfortunately the picture on the reverse side bled through when I added the beeswax so I had to print out text on plain paper and add.
Below are two of a series of Witchy Children (no Beeswax!)I am working on for a swap on one of my Yahoo Groups-

This is an ATC I altered with Chalk and used the Beeswax technique on. I got some natural beeswax at Hobby lobby and I love the color and patina it gives the finished pieces

This is the same image as above but on a 5"X7" canvas--no chalking this time just the collage behind along with some acrylic paint and then BEESWAX AGAIN--
I Love this image and have used her before. I call her Fiona-and may have to keep this one.
Might have to make one to sell in my ETSY shop

All the previous talk about a tidy space has made me acutely aware of what a mess I have made since Friday night so~~Will try to put my space in order and maybe still have time to work again later this evening. Ciao, Lynne

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shellyrs68 said...

Real person clocking in.
Awesome job on the beeswax collages. Both Fionas are fantastic. Glad you are enjoying the wax - and doesn't your room smell lovely??!