Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, I finally made the decision to move my space from the cozy loft room above the garage to the basement. My main reason, actually 2 reasons, were MORE SPACE AND I CAN'T STAND THE MESS!!! Well not the mess actually. It is my "creativity". I would feel duty bound to keep it tidy or put away all of my stuff, if someone was coming over or the kids were having guests. When we originally built this house, this room was "MINE" but the kids love being with me and so they gradually took over the space. Joe would watch sports in the Family room, so they would of course come upstairs to watch tv with me while I worked on Scrapbooks or computer or now ATC/collage. We put a TV down here in the basement along with an old sofa, but they didn't like being there--probably because no one ever cleaned up after them--I would make them do it!!
So----I just decided to move my stuff down here. It is unfinished but I am going to put some Ikea bookshelves across part of the space to create a wall and Joe's promised to paint the concrete wall a bright color and the staircase wall will get drywall and whitewashed paneling so I use it for display.
We'll see how it goes. I will put some pictures up as soon as we get started.
On a more artistic note. I did get a couple of pieces done recently. The pictures are not the greatest but here they are--

They are collage on foam core with beeswax technique. I don't feel like they are finished. They either need to be mounted on another layer of material or some sort of mat then framed. I can't decide. It will come to me.
On a lighter note, I did find time to do my CollagePlay with Crowabout Challenge for this week. It is not the best thing I've done for this challenge but I thought it was fun.
Have a great week--

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