Friday, September 19, 2008

Week 7 Crowabout Entry--Thoughts on Swaps

I finally finished my week 7 entry for the CollagePlay with Crowabout group on flickr. It was a challenge-ha. I couldn't get anything from the elements. Nothing really Popped--except that I liked the little Girl element. So I struggled with whether this would be a week when I would NOT do the collage.
At the same time a thread on one of the Yahoo ATC groups that I belong to, developed into a drama. Anyone who has belonged to a discussion group knows how this happens and spirals out of control until there are a lot of hurt feelings and flaming being done. Righteous comments and thoughtless remarks--posted often without real thought to the consequences.
AH---THERE YOU GO--Finally I had my "theme" for this weeks Collage

Simple but True.

I have also made a huge decision. I am putting a moratorium on Swapping. I will continue to do 1/1 trades, but the swaps were getting out of control, stressful --and I want to have fun and enjoy what I am doing. NO STRESS--soo00000- I am taking that stress away.

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