Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back from Vacation

Spent most of last week in North West Michigan- Silver Lake. It is a favorite place for us and we have rented the same cottage for the past 6 years. This summer the weather has been crummy. Not very warm and a lot of rain-our week was just that. We didn't get very much beach time at all. I did some antiquing which was nice, got some old pictures and small stuff. Bought the requisite teeshirts!! Came home a day early... We missed the dogs and our house, the kids were bored with us and each other.
Came home to a lot of mail, both snail and E---Waded through it and Finally sat down tonight to try my hand at some collage.
I joined the Collage play with Crowabout on Flickr-right before I left they had the first Challenge which I missed-But I did it anyway tonight. Each week we will be given an element sheet to download and use in a collage. Then upload a pic of the finished collage.
This is the one I did -even though I didn't get to upload it as the deadline was during our
I ran over to my Favorite Thrift Store and looked around and
found a used Girl Scout leader Handbook, which is spiral bound and the pages while not heavy, make for easy gluing together.
The size was right 8"X11" So I am using it for my Collage Challenge Journal.
When I get the cover decorated I will scan it an put it up here .
I guess I should say that this page is about my life--
I am the small town girl, and yes, I did run away with the spoon. He's been a wonderful husband for nearly 30 years!-"And that's all I am going to say about that-"Forrest G.

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