Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New ART-Collage Play Week Three

I had to go back to work last week--can you tell how enthusiastic I am--not! But I still managed to do some ART play--I finished the Week Three Challenge for Collageplay with Crowabout on Flickr.
It is soooo scary for me--I try not to think about how many REALLY TALENTED people are in this group. I feel like such a poser--I have to keep reminding myself that I am learning and have my own style and talent to bring to the group too. So---Here is my Week Three Page

I sat down the other night and started to ONCE AGAIN try to get control of my art table--It's and unending task--and I pulled out a file of images and collages sheets. backgrounds, etc. and just decided to use what was in my hand-no extra printing, looking for images, digging in boxes for something else--just what was in the file at hand and came up with the following . Most of the hard work was done. All of the backgrounds were cut or made, and most of the images were already cut or colored. I did it in a limited, intuitive process--

ABOVE---The vintage images of Hot Air Balloons -I have more somewhere- in a box ??? That will be another clean up day.

I used some ArtChix elements on these two cards--the crown and quote on the "Pretty Little Baby "and the transparent Paris element on "Philosophie"

I just love this guy---I hope to do a series of Mr Carl Cards

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