Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why I need a maid--

I am such a housework slug. I do nothing on a regular basis with the exception of laundry and dishes/kitchen. If my family weren't so wonderful about pitching in I shudder to think what our home would look like. Seriously, I hate cleaning, and do it like running into a burning house. I hold my breath and do it as quick as possible-delegating when ever possible!!! WHY--you know why-

ART-OF COURSE -----I work full time and all I think about is getting home to check my email and put down on paper my ideas. Every magazine I look at I want to rip out pages to use in an ATC/collage. I make mental notes about color combos. I obsess on buying collage sheets and glue, paint and ink. My name is Lynne, and I am an ART junkie. Is that bad?

Here is what I have been working on for the past few weeks- Some ATC's and some larger pieces. I hope you like them, I had a WONDERFUL time making them. That is the High I get from my ART.--"It's a good thing" Martha Stewart

The next images are of the bigger pieces I have been working on--

This shadowbox piece is 9"x7' /inside is 7"x5"

Below is a series of the same vintage image in different sizes-I hand painted/altered the image

#1-Image size is 4"x5' without frame #2-Image size is 6"x6" without frame

#3-Image is 6.5"X6.5" unframed
This image has the most altering, as you can see-

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