Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Collage Play with Crowabout Week 2

Just as I was starting to work on my First Challenge my printer ink ran out. Oh, I know, it was getting there-stuff had been looking funny for days. But I like to try to print til the thing is dry--They are soooooo expensive.
Off to Staples for more ink--reward card rebate check in hand!! They actually do send you a check based on a percentage of what you spend in the store over time- 6 months I think. Got ink and a ream of paper, some pens, Daughter tagged along and conned me out of a drawing pad-she is an Artist too.
I already had worked out my theme for the page, and put it together while watching "Jumper" on DVD with my son. Posted it VERY late last night/this morning.
I am pretty happy with it. It is more Vibrant than the scan depicts. My only self critique is that I do not like my handwriting--
Here is my first little Zetti---
Pieced her together last night as well Vintage photo, Tessha Moore hat and Inspiration--

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