Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have been soooo busy this second week of my Stacation. I decided to do some more watercolors and since I liked the way my early Goldfish turned out I did a few more. Then I searched the internet for pics of tropical fish with the idea of trying my hand at those--Well, OCD as I am I have been doing Fish watercolor ATC's almost all week!! I think I have done about 25 or 26. I traded a few already on ATCs for All. I really like doing them, some I tried to do life like or fish like, if you will--others I just did fantasy colors, etc. When I reach the saturation point, maybe I'll go on to birds. Below are some of the fish I did this week

Off to watch an Encore of the Postman with Kevin Costner--Love him--and Make more ART!!
YOU--Go make some ART

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