Sunday, January 25, 2009

Milwaukee Live ATC Trade-Sat. Jan 24, 2009

Yesterday my new Friend Nina-a very talented artist that I met on Yahoo- and I drove up to Milwaukee for the January Live trade. It was Very Interesting. The meet up spot was at Bay View Book Arts Gallery in the Historic Hide House. Traveling up to Milwaukee was fast, as there was no traffic. Nina was excited as she had never been to an ATC Live trade--I on the other hand have been to three--haha!
There was a packed house and it was a bit chaotic--Though Carolyn B. did her best to supervise the trading. We met a lot of new people and the owner of the Gallery-Karen( I think-so many names so little memory space left)-I fell in love with the space itself-high old beamed ceilings, brick walls, wood floors, huge windows.
Well--I did not get as many cards as I would have thought. Many participants didn't have enough cards to go around, so people in the last rounds of trades missed out. I did make 17 trades which I will post below--

The next group of pictures is of the trade and gallery--


After the trade, Nina and I drove over to the Artist and Display store and Shopped. I have stuck to my New Years resolution for 24 days!!!!!!! But like any junky I knew that just deciding to go was falling off the resolution wagon. I SPENT!!!! I got a jar of Golden's gel matte medium, a can of Krylon Matte finish for photos and transparencies, some pan pastels and some German Scrap.
I also got two great sheets of printed paper. One is architectural drawings and the other is a print of an antique map of Paris--Which we all know is my favorite item!
That's it for now. Stay warm and Make ART!!!

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