Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

January 1, 2009. Every year I know I say this, --but it is hard to believe it is a new year-2009!!

We have some interesting times in store for us in our country this year. I only hope they are for the better, for my family and all the other families that are struggling to make ends meet, and to live the American dream by owning their own home. I pray for Peace in the world, an end to genocide and terrorism. I also pray that our new president will lead us toward these goals and that our congress will aid him and not hinder him in his plan for our county.
Today I have been thinking alot about resolutions and have been making some notes about my New Years resolutions for 2009--NO I won't list all of them, but will let you know what a couple of them are with regard to my art work.
In no particular order of importance--
#1--I am going to attempt to use up my existing supplies instead of buying more!!, ie. paint, pens, papers, collage sheets, embellishments. I have tons already. Stop hoarding.
#2--get my "stuff" organized
#3--manage my time better. No more sitting at the computer for hours reading endless forums,
and blogs--limit my online time.
#4--Try to make some art everyday-ATC, Postcard, Photograph....
Do you have any for this year??
Best always

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Shelly said...

Happy New Year, Lynne !!
Boy, did you and I collaborate on our resolutions? Use up existing art supplies and limit time trauling the net and blogs. I'm with ya' !!!
Hope your year is off to a good start.