Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yes, it has been over said, but I do have cabin fever. I long to throw open the windows and have a nice warm breeze flow in. Some real sunshine--not the stuff generated by reflecting off 2 feet of snow and ice. Plus, my art space in now in the unfinished BASEMENT- and it is cold down here. Save for my tiny space heater that warms my toes.
Maybe that is why some of my cards are reminding me of spring, birds, ROBINs, leafy trees, etc.
Except for my foray 2 weeks ago to Artist and Display after the Milwaukee Live Swap, I have not bought any new supplies -but have downloaded some images off flickr groups and printed them, does that count? Several sessions of creating have started with making a number of backgrounds all at once, then adding the elements that are on hand. I really like doing that.
Here is what I have been up to for the last two weeks--

YES, I do have a thing for fish....

This last image comes from my good Friend Shelly--Shelly started a wonderful Flickr group, Past Portraits and is sharing her collection of vintage Cabinet cards and photographs for use in Art work.
I joined up at this interesting site called Postcrossing. It is basically a postcard trading site, though you do not pick the person or card you trade. You input all of your info into an account, and then a random generator puts your name out and you can ask for names to send cards to and get a random name. There is a bit more to it but basically it is that. I have sent out about 7 of my postcards and 2 have been received. I am still waiting for a card to come to me. Will post them as they come in. So far I have sent cards to Japan, Finland, Germany, Russia, China, and Canada--Wonder where my first card will come from.
Gotta get---
Stay warm, Make ART

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