Saturday, October 15, 2011

Katrina's Wedding

Katrina's Wedding by Lynne Larkin
Katrina's Wedding, a photo by Lynne Larkin on Flickr.

OK--So here is the problem. Someone sent me an ATC trade inside a lovely card with this image on it. I tore off the front of the card to make a collage on this 5"x5" canvas intending to send it back to that person as a surprise!! HA-surprise on me I cleaned up my studio and threw away the envie and card back with the traders name and addy on it!!!!! With my oldtimers I cannot remember who it was. SOOOO-
If you sent me this card and you would like to have this canvas, Flickr mail me with in 7 days and I will send it to you. If no one contacts me I will do a random drawing from people who comment on this post--xox Lynne

UPDATE 10/28/2011

I did not hear from the original sender of the card, so by random drawing the collage has been sent to AutumnSensation/flickr friend. :-)

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Enjoying this so much :o)