Sunday, June 12, 2011

Artistic Heart and soul

I just finished retracing my steps, back to the beginning of this blog. Next month will mark a 3 year anniversary. Blogging with out obligation! Sometimes frequently, some times long spells of silence.
What I noted is I have lots of "down" times, then creative bursts. When I was reading these old posts, I thought, gosh, you are a manic depressive. But I am least don't think so.
I just wonder if most artist aren't like me. Your passion is so great that it bursts forth not only creatively but also destructively. The life of the artist is a struggle to pull all of those thoughts and ideas, and brush strokes out of your self. When it comes rushing out onto canvas or paper, the JOY, oh the JOY. YOU have to do it, even if no one sees it, YOU MUST create.

Then the Block comes, for reasons you may or may not understand and you find yourself languishing in the Blue Meanies and Zombieland. Be it a chemical imbalance or Personal stress, lose a friend to Cancer, lose your job, get a cold, stub your toe, the joy is gone. The pen does not tempt, the paint does not call, the glue pot sits untouched. Sometimes you may sit for hours at the desk, waiting. Just waiting. For the little spark that will ignite the flame of your creativity again. More that once wondering in your Blue Meanie funk, if what you had was a fluke, letting all of your insecurities rise to the surface and nip away at your confidence. Will you ever be able to create another piece of ART. Maybe you are empty, fini, that's all folks.

Then a picture, a color, a note of music, scene from a movie, scent of a flower, the laugh of your child, and the spark, oh, the spark jumps to flame and the flame ignites the dormant tinder of your creative self and you rise, first like smoke, then like a bird, then like a jet to the outer limits of your creative heart and soul and you are once again filled with JOY.

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