Saturday, March 19, 2011

Late night ramblings

I have recently gotten my days and nights mixed up. Sleeping off and on during the day and up late at night reading or "arting" or surfing the internet (hooked on, at the moment) or playing Farmville on Facebook. Today was no different. I finished reading"Wolfe Hall", my second book this year about Henry VIII-actually this was about Thomas Cromwell, who was his Advisor.
Completely different view on that era from the last book I read-The Autobiography of HenryVIII.

I noticed yesterday that the Tulips are pushing up in the flowerbed by our driveway, so I imagine if I look the crocus and hyacinth are probably in there too. Are you getting claustrophobic like I am, I am looking forward to opening windows and taking walks. Warm breezes and SUN.
I am posting a few cards I made recently. I hope you like them

Think I'll go off to bed now--so you --GO MAKE ART

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