Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good bye Laurie

Today a good friend, and wonderful person died. Her name was Laurie Frasier and she and I worked together for a number of years. Laurie had a hard life, with many medical problems, financial woes, personal and family issues but through them all she kept her sense of humor and candor about her life. If I learned anything from Laurie it was to find humor in dealing with what life hands you. Laurie was a caring person. She worried right to the end about what would happen to her grown children and the grandchildren she adored. Telling every visitor who came to see her that, "it's going to be alright".
I usually feel the most sorry/sympathy for the family left behind when someone dies. But with Laurie I feel such sorrow for her. She had a crummy life and she would be the first to say so. I wish she could have not had the worry and stress she had during the years I knew her. I wish she could have gone to Scotland, I wish she could have met someone to love her and cherish her these past few years. AND YET--she really never felt sorry for herself!!! She was truly brave. She did not want to die, but she faced her death with character and of course her humor. Laurie, we will miss you so much.

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Shelly said...

My heart goes out to you, Lynne, on the loss of your friend. And your words about her say volumes about the depth of your heart,