Sunday, October 19, 2008

Moos, Beeswax and Autumn

Been a while since I posted anything--not because nothing is happening. Quite the contrary, I have been BUSY. Work takes up so much of my time--all day!!!! So I only have a couple of hours at night and on the weekends to do "My Thang"--So I have been busy, creating--no time for writing.
First off I wanted to show off my Moo's--not the ones I have made-which are a tiny amount of tiny art cards--but the REAL Moos from Mooville---I ordered them off the website; they are somehow affliliated with Flickr. It was fun to choose and edit them and I just love 'em. The color and texture of the paper is beautiful.

Then there is the Beeswax-- I have been working with it a long--not exclusively but a lot.
and below are some of my most recent pieces ATC's and 4x6 postcards and 6X8 canvas


6X8" stretched canvas

Hmmmm. This summer went by so fast!! I know that is cliche but it is so true. I feel like June was last week and now it is OCTOBER!!! for crying out loud. The department stores--Target and Walmart, the only ones I go to --HAVE THE CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT!!!!!!!!!!!
When did it get ok to do that??
Why can't we just have Autumn?

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